100 Days

Accountability.  It drives me and pushes me.  I’m cautious about saying I’ll do something… because once I tell someone I’ll do something, there’s no turning back.  Aha… the key… Once I TELL someone.  I break my word to myself plenty of times.  But when I really want to get something accomplished, I start telling others that I’ll do it.  That’s how I ran a marathon.  Just started declaring that I would run one before I turned forty.  I knew if it was going to get done, I’d better start saying it out loud to those who would hold me accountable.

And you know… “those who would hold me accountable” would never have even acted the least bit disappointed in me if I hadn’t run those 26.2 miles.  But I suppose I really wanted them to know that they could count on me to do what I said I would do… “those” people in my life.

Well, I’m still babying my hip that doesn’t want to run, but I’m having the most wonderful year of walking.  Today marks day 100 in 2011… and it marks the one hundredth day in a row that I have walked at least one mile every day.

One of my cousins sent me a text message on New Year’s Day, actually New Year’s Night.  She was going to start “the streak”… committing to going a mile every day, and wondered if I’d like to join in.  I had to think seriously for a few minutes, because this was going to be one of those no-turning-back commitments.  So glad I told her I would do it, and walked my first mile before it turned midnight.  So glad she asked me.

I’ve had beautiful walks, cold walks, windy walks.  (You can see in my shadow that my hair’s blowing straight out to the side.  Yes… gangbuster winds this weekend!)  I’ve marched up and down my stairs and all over this barn when the weather was just too frightful to be outside.  Although I’ve covered lots of miles walking and running in my life, I’ve never been determined to do it every single day no matter what… until now.

Loving it.  Want to join us?

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