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Homecoming Traditions

It’s October, and that means Football Homecoming at ENMU.  So many fun memories tied up in this day.  Things to write about for years!  The first float I ever rode on.   The first time I marched down the street twirling a baton.  Today I’m thinking of traditions… old and new. Some of my family will […]


Comfort Sounds

Although gadgets aren’t my favorite things, I do admit to loving my computer and my smart phone.  Communication devices… I do love my communication gadgets!  And although I was quite content with a phone without bells and whistles for several years, I’ll admit that I’m becoming quite the fan of “apps”.  And I’ll admit to […]


Roosevelt County War Memorial

You know how you know people when you live in a small town?  You don’t really know them, but you know of them, or you’re sure you’ve at least met them, or you can be convinced you probably went to school with their parents. Well, this man I know was working on one of our […]