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Wish Number One

I really don’t care for the term “bucket list”.  There’s no romantic flow to the thought of kicking the bucket.  So I always cringe a little bit at the notion, but I do enjoy reading the happy goals my friends set for themselves before they die.   With that in mind, I’m going to write […]


My Amazing Grandma

My grandparents are always in my heart.  Our family recently sold the furniture store building, which means the memories flood our souls.  The photo was taken there.  Grandma and my niece, Lizzie.   I’ll share a letter I wrote for Grandma years ago. ~ Grandma’s Mother’s Day Gift 1995 Relaxed… trying to think of the […]


Love a Lovely Table

If I could step back into my childhood for just a few days, I’d love to take my cell phone with me. And this is what I’d do…   I would take so many photos in the kitchen. I’d get my parents making breakfast and dropping battered squash slices, fresh from the garden, into the […]