A Day at Sea

The first day of this lovely Caribbean cruise began with my waking thought – “Which hotel am I in?”

We’d just spent the four previous days enjoying a sweet variety of Florida sunsets.  Miami from my cousin’s glorious balcony, St. Pete’s Beach talking business, and Naples dreaming of the future.  Friday night’s sunset was to be spent sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale, but our ship sat in port seven extra, long hours while we waited for stranded passengers to arrive late at night.

A quiet and somber mood filled our luxury liner as we learned that a shooting had taken place at the airport… the airport most of us had flown into either hours or days earlier.  Life becomes more fragile in those horrible moments when you realize you’ve narrowly escaped any tragedy.  At once you are thrilled to be alive to choose items from a gourmet menu, at the same time feeling extremely guilty that you’re doing so while others are mourning the senseless killing of a loved one.

Yes, life is fragile.  Life is precious.  I’ll cherish the moments and make fresh goals to stay calm when meaningless unpleasantries come my way. 

So the morning began with a smile when I realized I wasn’t in a hotel.  I was floating along on the ocean, and the familiar movement of the ship made me feel right at home.

I’ve stepped back into the fantasy world I love.  Eggs Florentine and good coffee for breakfast, a table for two reserved for the coming dinners, a new sun hat purchased at the deck sale.  And then, because I’m just impetuous like this, I’ve taken my little hair trimming scissors that always travel with me, and I’ve cut the netted layers of a floor length gown and turned it into a tea length dress.  Turns out, there are only two formal nights on this voyage, and I was expecting three.  But I still needed something dressy for a nice dinner tomorrow night.  Netting doesn’t need to be hemmed, and I think I did okay with my alteration job and will pull it off!  One formal gown toned down a bit… check!

A leisurely afternoon to prepare for tonight’s gala, and I will have whiled away at day at sea.  Oh my goodness… people sometimes ask me what in the world I do every day when I’m cruising.  This.  This is what I do.   And I’m sitting here with a smile as I type the story… and a heart filled with gratitude that I’m given another day to breathe the ocean air.


3 Responses to “A Day at Sea”

  1. Kim says:

    We live in the moment!

  2. Sheryl Borden says:

    I loved reading your story – and it made me so envious. Can’t wait til Rob and I can reschedule our trip. I can’t imagine why anyone would not like cruising. My favorite part is sitting on the balcony, drinking coffee or wine, and relaxing or day dreaming. I’m such a workaholic, typical Type A person and I was so worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the solitude, etc, but I still enjoy that part. I also wanted to thank you for the Victorian cut-outs that you sent me with Robbie. I’m getting ready to do a new mini album with the theme “Portrait of a Lady” and some of these will be perfect embellishments. I’d like to show it to you when I’m through. I miss your articles in the newspaper and reading your blog brought that to mind. You are such a wonderful writer. Love, Sheryl

  3. Sandy says:

    Thank you, Sheryl. Can’t wait to see the new mini album.

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