Airport Apparel

It’s a travel day.  We showed up at the airport in our typical traveling attire.  Both of us in olive green pants, me in a simple red shirt, G in his favorite kind of shirt for traveling… lots of pockets.  Well, turns out, that’s no longer a smart idea in airports.  All those zippers are cause for search and delay.

Just got me thinking about how we’ve changed over the years when it comes to traveling.  I know the very day we made the serious switch!

When we lived on Guam, all our vacations – of course – involved flights.  We were so excited for our first trip to Bali.  I packed the cutest clothes, Gary packed his snorkeling gear.  We had outfits for this occasion and that occasion, should the need arise.  Although we’d always loved traveling, this destination was sure to top every place we’d ever been, and we were going to be prepared.

We should have been prepared for how ridiculous we looked arriving at the airport with all those bags, wearing clothes that screamed, “Come quickly!  Carry these bags, find me a cab… I’m a tourist and I’m ready to hand out big tips!”  Ha!  Didn’t realize that’s what those clothes were going to scream, but they must have… because all those people came running.

Our second trip to Bali found us quite the seasoned airport-arrivers.  One simple carry on duffel bag each, earth toned clothes, comfortable shoes.  (Enough of running through airports in heels, trying to catch a flight!)

Anyway, if you see me in an airport, I won’t be sticking out whatsoever.  But, as I’m being reminded today, there will be plenty of folks who will!


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  1. Cheryl says:

    HAHA!! This reminds me of the “reprimands” we got when we visitd B&V in France. They had learned how to look like locals. While I wasn’t sporting the give away American white athletic shoes I still stood out like a sore thumb with my Rick Steves day bag!! Oh, well. It was a great trip anyway.:)

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