I realized something today

When I’ve got something bossy to say

I try to get smart

With this form of art

And a limerick starts coming my way


I’m tired of rude people with lip

Who wear, on their shoulder, a chip

They don’t give a care

And a smile would be rare

Still – demanding you give them a tip


Now I knew to dress warm for the flights

And it’s cold where I’m landing tonight

But this hoodie sweatshirt

Was a five star alert

So the pat-down was my fault alright


Can the coffee stand workers be blind

Do they not see us standing in line

It’s odd they can’t see

There’s no job without me

So they really should try to be kind


Now I’m winging my way through the blue

Vacation is over, it’s true

Maybe that’s why I seem

To be cranky and mean

What’s this poor weary traveler to do


I’ll block this day out of my brain

Major airports are always insane

It’s part of the drill

When you’re going to chill

I can handle this wee bit of pain


I feel so much better right now

Writing words always helps me somehow

One more flight, here we go

Almost home, end of show

Yes, this poem has helped me calm down


Flying used to be so much fun.  But that was thousands of miles ago, and long before 9-11.  Still, it’s a necessary evil for us. We love seeing the world, and we love the people who do their jobs in airports and on planes with pleasant attitudes.  There are plenty!  Thank you!

And now that I’m home at my desk, just have to say to the polite young man driving the shuttle bus and the woman working the window at Airport Parking in Lubbock… what a delight! Thank you for such a warm welcome home to West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  What nice people!

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