An Audrey World

So many times I long for a fairy tale world.  Yet, even as I type that, I realize a fairy tale world would still be filled with villains and tragedy.  There’s no escaping that.

I suppose my daydream actually finds me acting out the roll of the sweet soul who never harms another, always has a pleasant countenance, spreading charm and elegance and good tidings wherever I roam.

Not only myself, but everyone I know.  We would all go about our days in this manner.

There you have it.  I long for an Audrey Hepburn world!

Meanwhile, I live in a Sandy Fields world.  I scowl quite often.  I grumble about the pettiest of infractions.  And horrors… I can’t seem to stop my tongue from rummaging around in my teeth if there’s some pesky particle of broccoli giving me fits.  Audrey would never have made such faces in a restaurant!

I’ve spent the morning reading the story of her life.  She enchants us all.  My darling little great-niece loves Audrey.  I’m so glad she does.  So thrilled that a four year old wants to watch “My Fair Lady”.  So hopeful that we’ll all aspire to be more gracious and giving.


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