Around the Clock

Rather than go through the stressful ordeal of adjusting a digital watch for Daylight Savings Time, I almost prefer leaving it alone – simply keeping in mind that the watch is an hour off for half the year.  This is why I no longer own a digital watch.

Oh, the sweet joy of pulling out the little button, an easy twist with the thumb, and pushing it back into place.  There you have it.  All set for a new time zone.

Last month I had the pleasure of spending a few days with my young niece while she adjusted to telling time using a watch with hands. No digital clocks in sight to use as crutches.

I realized that her generation would never think of giving the time as “ten ‘til seven”.  No, they read a screen and declare “six fifty-one”.  Top of the hour, half past, quarter ‘til… these phrases seem quite archaic to a crowd of people who never glance at a beautiful round clock face.

Wondering what to give a child for a birthday gift this year?  Let me suggest an old fashioned wrist watch.  As time goes by it will provide fun conversation around the clock.


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