Autumn Aroma

     And there it was.  I knew it was coming.  I knew it would be any day now… and today was the day.  I was still in bed, it was pitch black outside, and here came that familiar smell, the one I’ve been waiting for.  (Oh you can relax… it wasn’t the skunk!)  It was that first-of-the-season-heater-kicking-on smell.  You know it.  A little bit burning, a little bit earthy.  It’s been chilly here in the evenings and early mornings, but still warming up in the afternoons.   Although you’re a little bit cold, you just don’t want to turn that heater on… so you bundle up in sweatshirts and tough it out.  But today was the day!

     How I love this time of year.  I think I love it all the more because I spent so many years on those islands.  The seasons change there as well.  The trade winds start to blow.  The avocados and mangos have their special months.  The sun rises and sets with a touch of variety.  But here in New Mexico, the seasons are wonderfully distinct, and this season of autumn is grand. 

     The leaves are changing, and if you turn south from the square (at the new stop light that has our town up in arms!) and drive down Main Street – which I do quite often to head home – you have the most beautiful array of leaves and colors.  The days are sunny, and getting into a warm car after drinking iced tea in a restaurant feels oh so good.  It gets dark early.  And last night it truly did drop to the freezing mark, requiring a wool hat for the coffee-on-the-glider ritual this morning.  And requiring the initial kick-off of that heater. 

     Ahhh… even as I sit here typing, I hear it coming on again.  Sure puts a grin on my face. 

     By the way, do any of you have one of those Keurig  instant brewing machines?  I keep seeing them on TV, and I know they’re a huge hit over at  I see those “K-Cups” and wonder if this is something I would really love, or if I’m such a creature of habit that I have to stick with Mr. Coffee!  I’m curious.

     Anyway, enjoy your day… all the sights and sounds and smells!

2 Responses to “Autumn Aroma”

  1. Cheryl Black says:

    We probably won’t be smelling that smell until December or later! That is the one thing I dislike about cold weather. If it weren’t for the kids I keep we might never turn on the heater…I love bundling, especially at night.
    Brie and Vince have one of those brewing machines. We used it some and I think it is pretty neat, just not economical when preparing coffee for 4. Theirs also comes with a little basket where loose coffee can be brewed as well.

  2. Robin Green says:

    My sister Karen has the K-cup deal and she loves it. I’ve had both tea and coffee from her machine – both tasted wonderful. There’s less wasted coffee, that’s for sure, since it makes only one cup at a time. And you can decide if you want a small cup, a mug, or a large mug.

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