Balinese Carving

I have this beautiful carving.  It’s a woman in a headdress of flowers… and it’s fairly easy for me to close my eyes and smell that plumeria and the incense that always accompanied it.

We take lots of pictures when we travel.  We eat brand new foods.  We don’t buy many trinkets.  But there was no way I was leaving this shop without this carving.

The beautiful people of Bali are artisans.  They are gentle.  They are welcoming.  The woman in this store was determined, in the most pleasant way you can imagine, that I would not leave without a carving.

She wanted to work a trade.  And since we’d been to Bali before (it was just a hop, skip and a jump from Guam) we knew to have trading items with us. We loved to trade little children’s clothing for a pineapple, or some pencils and markers for a shirt.  The kids always seemed so happy to make a deal.  And this woman suggested that I trade my watch for a carving.  It was a pretty watch, but of absolutely no value.  I kept insisting to the woman that the watch was not worth anything… and it was not a good deal.  Finally we agreed that I would pay $40 for this amazing hand-carved piece, along with my worthless watch, and I would walk out of the store owning this marvelous work of art.

I was just another tourist, long forgotten to this woman.  But I will never forget that happy day.  The lovely carved piece sits directly in my line of vision from my desk, so I’m transported to that beautiful island quite often.  Ahhhhh.


3 Responses to “Balinese Carving”

  1. Kim Mann says:

    It is beautiful!

  2. Lawanda Calton says:

    The “gift” of memory! It becomes more precious every day!

  3. Marcea Clive says:

    I agree with Kim. It is beautiful. Love the colors in the wood tones.

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