Beautiful Sierra Blanca

Beautiful Day in 2006


Six years ago G and I took off on a cold November weekend to enjoy hiking in the White Mountain Wilderness near Ruidoso.  The first day we hiked from the Monjeau Lookout along the Crest Trail loving the views, enjoying the crisp air.  The wind was howling when we woke up the next day.  Crawling out of our tent, we weren’t even sure if we would hike.  But we did.

I always keep a travel journal, and I’d like to share a little of what I wrote that day.

“The clouds rolled in, the wind kept blowing, and the higher we climbed the colder it got.  When we got to the top at Lookout Trail, temperatures were in the 30s, and the wind had to be blowing at least 30 mph.  It was so cold we could only stand to be on the ridge for a couple of minutes to snap the spectacular panoramic view.  Sierra Blanca was covered in snow and in the clouds.  We could see White Sands, around to Carrizozo and Capitan, and back around to Ruidoso.”

I’m thrilled to have enjoyed those beautiful views, not just that day, but many times in many seasons.

What we have today could be gone tomorrow.  Treasure every special moment.

(My New Mexico readers know these names and places… and sadly, we all know about the fire that raged through this wilderness claiming almost 40,000 acres and over 200 homes last week.  Hoping and praying for more rain on our parched state.)


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  1. Kim Mann says:

    I hate to hear about these devastating fires.

  2. Sandy says:

    This one is almost contained. It has been amazing to have such serious smoke right here in Portales… 170 miles away.

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