Bird Dogs

My dad and G have been pheasant hunting  in Kansas.  They go every year and meet up with more family, and of course, the bird dogs get to go.  My dad has been taking his dogs hunting all my life.

He’s a great bird hunter, my dad.  We feast upon quail as a result.  And he loves his bird dogs.  They always have these wonderful names.  You might recognize some of these… Rooster Cogburn, McLintock, Cutter.  Or perhaps these might ring a bell… Deets, Gus, and Jake.  Good names from good westerns.

When I was a little girl, I especially loved these two… Chippewa Warrior and Apache Warrior – Chip and Patch.

Here I am with my big sister, along with Kristen, Jet – the son of Commander Jet Stream, and also Lou Ellen – a pretty Llewellin Setter.

I’m enjoying the memories.  And looking forward to making pheasant and rice!

2 Responses to “Bird Dogs”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Cute picture.

  2. Robin Green says:

    Priceless memory – glad it’s captured on film.

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