Birthday Cake

I’ve eaten a lot of birthday cake over the weekend.  And in my circles… I think there has been plenty of cake eating going on.  Just seems like a serious week for birthdays!  It’s been a wonderful weekend of celebration all the way around.

I bought a big birthday cake for Saturday.  I really love white bakery cakes, and it was fun to have it here at the barn to wish my mother-in-law a happy birthday.  But it couldn’t hold a candle to the very best birthday cakes that are typically part of a Fields family birthday party.   That would be red velvet!

Well, I couldn’t very well ask the birthday girl to make her own cake, now could I?

You know how I have the best cooks in my family.  You may grow weary of the reminders, but I must say it again.   This red velvet cake… the best!  Since we live on the dry high plains, it’s a trick to have the most perfectly moist cake going.   The traditional red velvet cakes on Guam could give her a run for their money in that department… and even that would be a close tie.   But the icing!!!    You will never beat Shirley’s frosting.   And that’s the ticket… takes some beating… and she does it right!

I hope and pray for a very quick and wonderful recovery from the back surgery my mother-in-law is having this week.   Shirley, may you be up and about and back in your kitchen baking your delicious cakes in no time!

3 Responses to “Birthday Cake”

  1. Jan says:

    I do love birthday cake! Kathryn loves red velvet cake too!

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    Looks yummy……….

  3. Sandy says:

    Gary’s mom makes such a delicious red velvet cake! She has spoiled us all rotten!!
    Shirley, I really need to get some grand photos of your cakes. This was the only one I could find… and that’s a shame! Next time you bake one I will have the camera in action.

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