Bravo for Life

A man played the flute tonight. Meaningful to me, because I’ve just begun reading a series of books recommended by a friend at least a year ago. I’m on the second book, and a man plays the flute. And a woman sails… and I went sailing yesterday. In the first book the main character is from Brazil, and I’m on my way to the Amazon River. It’s the beauty of the ebb and flow of life… these sweet coincidences.

Our evening entertainer played “Bolero”. I instantly knew what he would play when he was introducing the song, saying how beautiful the piece was when Torvill and Dean ice danced to it in the ’84 Olympics. We were newlyweds, and I’m quite sure it was the first time I’d heard the song. I was mesmerized and believed it to the be most romantic thing ever.

Later on tonight we sat in the piano bar while the couple at our table – several years our senior I’d guess – played a little footsie to the gorgeous notes being played on the ivories. We had just danced as we do every night, and had come to relax and partake of more of the amazing talent surrounding us.

We’re one month into this cruise we’re calling our retirement celebration. (Although we can’t quite seem to retire.) It was meant to be a kick-up-your-heels kind of voyage, but we’ve shed many tears. Our family has suffered a terrible blow, and we’re ever mindful of the brevity of our youth.

I’m transported back to childhood days… tip-toeing down the stairs, trying to catch a glance of a goodnight kiss between my sister and her boyfriend. Decades later they’re facing a miserable health crisis while I’m out on the deep blue sea, and I wonder how time could have sailed by so quickly.

It’s surreal floating along on the Crystal Symphony. We’ve been back in the Caribbean where our sea-going adventures began over thirty years ago. Somehow we stumbled into those jobs on St. Thomas. And these kids who sat out the Virginia Reel lessons in grade school, now tango and rhumba and foxtrot nightly. These hiking, running, biking, construction workers now sit and feast with too-big-tummies that we swear we’re going to do something about.

Bravo for life. It truly is fleeting. Cherish the days… each and every day. Look for those delicious tidbits in time… when you’re reading a book where a man plays the flute… and you find yourself in an audience listening to a virtuoso flute player.  Then cheer. Cheer with all your might.


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