Brown Norther

This morning I took the toast out of the oven and did the natural thing… left the oven door open after I turned it off to knock the chill off the kitchen.

And so it begins.  First little cold snap of the season.

This will call for my favorite hoodie sweatshirt.  This means I can put flannel sheets on the bed, and snuggle under them while the cold night breeze blows in through the open windows.  This means tomato soup and crackers for lunch.  This means pumpkins in the Methodist Church parking lot.

Oh!  This is wonderful!

(However, it took a little doing to get it here.  All of you who read this from the High Plains of Eastern New Mexico and West Texas can attest to the fact that we had a… well… can’t call it a blue norther… we had a “brown norther” yesterday that whipped up our drought stricken land and carried it through the sky.  It was just about unbelievable!  I snapped this photo about twenty-five seconds before it literally hit ME!)


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  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Nice and cool this morning.

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