Bundles of Joy

Five little bundles of joy

Four girls and one baby boy

We add happily

To our family tree

Five little bundles of joy

With our large, close-knit families, we are continually blessed with children… but 2010 has been a banner year.  Three nieces and two cousins have had babies.  Beginning in January with Cora, we then added Kenzie, next Daniel, followed by Jaci… and finally today, Jaymie.  Bundles of joy indeed!

2 Responses to “Bundles of Joy”

  1. Donna McBroom says:

    Aren’t they adorable! We are blessed!

  2. Robin Green says:

    How rich you are! So many new lives to love, pray for, and involve yourselves with. ‘New life, new hope, to all He brings. . . listen to the angels sing’ . . . those lines from the Community Choir Christmas concert come to mind when I see those new baby pictures.

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