Business Calls

We’ve been on a business trip. Yes, yes, it was in a fun city.  Yes, I ate great food and enjoyed live entertainment.  Looking at gorgeous kitchen countertops, amazing custom sinks and beautiful tile makes me happy.  So yes, it was kind of like a vacation.

But this is the reason it really felt like another day “at the office”.

G took a series of classes for the software he uses drawing house plans.  Each day I would go to that conference hall at noon so we could go grab some lunch together.  Oh no!  As people poured out of those classrooms and got their phones to their ears, these are the one-sided conversations I heard…

“How much damage?  Was it from the cold weather, or just a leaking pipe?”

“Is the rail broken, or just the stile?  Okay, I’m out of town, and I’ll have to send someone over to check on that.”

“Well, we used the plans that came straight from the engineered truss company.”

“I will have to make a call.  That’s an occupied house, so even though it’s just three cabinets and a light, I’m going to have to make sure the homeowner is okay with a delivery today.”

“Did you print out those plans?  I e-mailed them the very day we spoke.”

Oh my goodness, I was tensing up on everyone’s behalf.

You know we love our travel… for work or for play.  And we love the guy who handles all those problem phone calls while we’re away.  Thanks, Benjamin!


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