Business Trip

You’ve heard of those great business trips… where you find a convention in the Bahamas, and you learn about new trends in your line of work while gazing out over the ocean blue.  No, this is not one of those trips.

We predominantly build out in the country.  Our town is small anyway.  So our country roads are narrow, with curves on the section lines, and we travel many a dirt road on the way to our projects.

On this particular day, on this particular business trip, I was riding along to be the photographer for a fun ground-breaking ceremony.  Perfect timing, because a truck driver was headed to a nearby site with a load of metal, and we could meet him there to show him precisely where to leave it.  G gave the man exact directions with mileage and landmarks… but from experience, we know the little country roads can get tricky.

So we head to the intersection to wait on this truck.  And we wait, and we wait.  We call to make sure he’s not lost.  He doesn’t answer.  G talks to a couple of engineers with plans spread out across the front seat.   And we wait, and we wait.  We both play with our phone gadgets and make a couple of comments on Facebook photos.  And we wait, and we wait.  The guy doesn’t answer his phone.  We drive on over to the site to make sure he’s not there in his truck… but as we get closer, no truck.  We call the supplier.  They don’t know where he is.  We wait.  We all agree that we will begin looking for this truck and this driver.  We trace the path.  We drive halfway to the next town.  No.  No truck.  We finally get word that the driver is off work, but claims that he has dropped the metal as instructed.  We drive back to the site, along the curving highway, down the dirt road, right to the spot where it was supposed to be.

And what do you know?  There it was.  This efficient driver had followed instructions to the letter, made great time, beat us to the site, and headed home with a cell phone out of juice.  Who knew it could be so easy?

Meanwhile, on this windy day out on the high plains, waiting and waiting and waiting for over an hour, I decided to appreciate the simple pleasure of this beautiful mailbox, and enjoyed taking photos from a few different angles.  I’ve driven past it for years, but would never have seen it if not for this little business trip.


5 Responses to “Business Trip”

  1. Lawanda Calton says:

    We should all take advantage of “set backs”. This little mailbox has something to say, and you had time to listen. Love it!

  2. Cheryl says:

    You inspire me so frequently. Wish you could bottle up your attitude and sell it to the world!

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh my goodness Cheryl! What a kind comment. Thank you!

  4. Marcea Clive says:

    Ya just never know…………..what’s on these dirt roads around Pville. I love that mailbox…Glad it found you…I can almost read what is written on the side, too. Thanks, Sandy.

  5. M Sue says:

    Thank you for the rides down country roads that some of us grew up with, but don’t get to visit very often any more. Your photo adds just that much more delight.
    Sending smiles,

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