Buttermilk Biscuits

     Just had Gary’s delicious homemade buttermilk biscuits on this September Saturday morning.  It’s the recipe we found on the back of a bag of self-rising flour the first year we were married.  He’s been cranking them out ever since.  I’m from a family of grand biscuit-makers, and everyone has their special recipe.  You can consider yourself delightfully spoiled when your mom and dad, your Grandma, your aunts and your husband have treated you to breakfast biscuits as well as suppertime biscuits with quail, potatoes and gravy all your life!

     I truly can’t name my favorite topping.  Sorghum, honey & butter, fresh apricots cooked down with sugar, peach preserves… all fabulous on buttermilk biscuits.  This morning’s fare was something quite different and quite spectacular… my little nine year old cousin’s county-fair-blue-ribbon-winning cranana preserves.

     Surely anyone tasting this concoction of cranberries, bananas and sugar would agree that it’s delicious, but the flavor was truly enhanced because I was in her kitchen the day they were made.  Serendipitous for me… I just decided at the last minute to ride along with Gary to go have a look at a house repair they needed.  When we got to my cousin’s house, it was all activity!  The oldest son was heading out to shoot clay pigeons with my dad.   The daughter was gearing up to make the jam, and the two year old was playing with the kittens.  Since the house repair took a little more time than planned… lucky for me, I got to witness the “cranana” making from start to finish.  With the baby on my hip, the two of us oohed and ahhed while the bananas were smashed, the cranberries popped, and the jar were boiled and filled with that bubbling hot mixture.  You should have seen his eyebrows raised with incredible delight when he got his first taste!

     And this is how it goes when you live in a small town surrounded by family and friends.  These are moments to cherish… our heritage being preserved along with the fruit.  Congratulations on your blue ribbon, Riley! And thanks for giving us a jar.

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  1. Victoria says:

    They look absolutely scrumptious!!

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