Can’t Blog About That

The other me sometimes wishes she had a blog.  It wouldn’t be dedicated to simple pleasures.  It would be the place to rant and rave.  Yes, yes… I do have a category set aside for that very purpose.  But this kind of ranting wouldn’t get the rose-colored-shades treatment.

The other me would write about how miserable it is when you’re in a hurry, and you have to buy one quick item and get it back to the project before the electrician leaves, so your best bet is the “10 Items Or Less” line… but someone is there checking out with 73 items… and while you wait, that person and the clerk both seem a bit embarrassed about the situation, but neither has the courtesy to even attempt a sheepish smile and say “sorry about this”.

The other me would finally get fed up with being seated behind girls wearing jeans that are way too small, and are slung way too low, with shirts that are far too short, forcing all behind them to catch the unwanted glimpse down their back side.  You know… in the world of construction I’ve had to deal with more than my fair share of laborers trying to set toilets or install baseboard… all the while battling this unseemly situation.  These guys get a pass.  It’s ridiculous that this attire counts as some kind of fashion statement.  I’m weary of it.

Well, there are plenty of things the other me would write about.  It would be just terrible trying to get photos to go along with the stories.  I’d better keep that side of me off of this website.  I’ll continue to remind myself from time to time:  “Can’t blog about that!”

And there you have it my friends.  I shall now go back to happy thoughts of good food, pretty flowers, nice people, dream vacations and sweet memories.  Yes… that’s better.  Much better!


10 Responses to “Can’t Blog About That”

  1. Betty Williamson says:

    Well, PHEW. You’re human after all! I’d wondered. Glad you have an “other me,” so mine won’t be so lonely. 🙂

  2. Kim Mann says:

    Ha ha ha!! Unfortunatley, we have to live in both realities 🙁

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh ha! I’m laughing out loud! One can only wear her rose colored shades for so long. Eventually they just have to come off!!

  4. Pam says:

    We all have those same thoughts and it it does a person good to vent them every now and then and see that we’re all human and not alone! And next time I see you, I’ll high five you on this post because I agree with you completely!

  5. Sandy says:

    Yes Pam… and then we’ll have a pleasant little conversation about the weather! =)

  6. Robin Nations says:

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for not posting the low slung jeans picture! I get so tired of seeing people’s backsides, by cracky!

  7. Marcea Clive says:

    The unfortunate think is, we can’t get away from it. Not sure why girls think everyone wants to see how well they are endowed either. Love that rose! ! ! !
    Thanks, Sandy.

  8. Jane Calton Welch says:

    You didn’t even mention my new pet peeve…people trying to rush to get a parking place at Walmart. Such a hurry that they can’t even stop to let some poor wind blown elderly lady (me!) cross to get inside! Give me the “good old days” when people stopped to let others quickly get inside, away from the heat and wind!

  9. Sandy says:

    Robin, that’s hilarious.

    Jane, perhaps I should start a monthly post where everyone gets to vent their latest pet peeve!

    Marcea, glad you enjoyed this rose. We took the photo on a dream vacation, on a beautiful island of Chile, on a day we met a wonderful cab driver and his beautiful daughter. Hiked in an amazing park, and ate fantastic food that night. Now that’s what I’m bloggin’ about!

  10. Cheryl says:

    Yes, Sandy, keep blogging about that amazing & wonderful stuff…that’s what keeps some of us making it through all the icky stuff. (BTW, I totally agree with your rantings…especially the pants issue!!!)

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