Can’t Do Sudoku


I love Sudoku puzzles as much as the next guy.  No, that’s ridiculous.  I love them far more than the next guy.  While some enjoy their Candy Crush, you’ll find me always choosing games that involve numbers.  So, I stick with my Free Cell and my Sudoku (and yes, even my spreadsheets make me happy), and I keep everything nice and orderly that way. Things line up, all is calm, ducks in a row.

I like the tough puzzles.  The games that require serious effort.  But I’m going to admit to you now that I have not succeeded at the “warm up” Sudoku in my flight magazine.  I have resorted to cheating to look for answers at least five times on that silly puzzle.  This is something I do not do.  I just don’t.  But I did today.  I did it on this flight.

Lots of screaming kids.  I’m used to that on flights. I get it.  Sometimes that’s just the way it goes.  You always hope that before the eight or nine hours are up, the child will calm down and relax.  Sometimes you pray for a nap.  But this one… oh, this flight just takes some kind of cake.

I was already working on keeping myself calm when the woman beside me refused to turn off her gadget for the take-off.  After being asked twice, she finally had to be barked at to put it away.  Then I realized she was the mom of the two children across the aisle sitting with their dad who occasionally attempted to quiet their howls. One was throwing a fit demanding a piece of never-existing gum.

Still, I carried on.  I tried to get the correct 9 digits into their little boxes.  Rational thoughts would not come to me.  I made a little headway.  Then I was waylaid!  The woman finally decided to pull out some snacks.  Ahhh… she’s going to quiet those children, thought I.  The plastic containers coming out of that huge carry-on suitcase began to amaze me.  After all, it was only a  two and a half hour flight.  Still, if that’s what it was going to take to make the children happy, I was ready to go along with it.  Out came the tortillas, then the big box of bacon and potatoes.  Yes!  Plenty of strips of bacon.  Then we had the sliced apples.  (All this going on eight inches from me.)  Then – and this is when I totally lost all Sudoku concentration – the lid came off of what had to be two heads of broccoli cut into chunks.

I considered busting out laughing, but knew that was out of the question.  Then things took a strange twist.  The colossal burrito-type snack wasn’t being made for the children.  No, just for the gadget reading mom herself.  Eventually she got around to handing some bacon over to the girls and their exasperated dad.  Once the snack eating mission was accomplished, potty breaks taken by all, the mom and dad traded places.  Now I’m by the dad.  He whips out his own snacks… a big bag of Doritos, followed by one of those over-sized chocolate bars.

I hope you’ll understand why I had to cheat and look at the back of the magazine to get a hint on where to place the 5s and the 7s.  Some days you just can’t do Sudoku!


5 Responses to “Can’t Do Sudoku”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Gotta love it! ! !

  2. lawaanda calton says:

    Too hilarious! I am laughing (quietly)…at all of these antics! Can just see you ….pencil in hand….trying to hang on to the Sudoku mind set……..This is a great scene for a movie!

  3. Mary Anne says:

    Oh the woes of travel. Hope I don’t meet this lady on my next trip.

  4. Donna McBroom says:

    I think that little girl was the one kicking my chair too! Good thing I wasn’t doing any puzzles! What a flight!

  5. Betty Williamson says:

    Things like this are SO much funnier when they happen to someone else! Thanks for taking one for the team. At least you got a good blog out of it.

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