Caribbean Coffee Cup


I have a new coffee cup. 

Those who follow my tales know that I’m not a shopper, and when I travel I’m not a souvenir buyer.  Something really has to speak to me before I’ll take it from a shelf for purchase.  And if it does, it’s typically in the shape of a coffee holding vessel.

And that’s the story of this cup.  I was enjoying a truly beautiful day on the island of Curacao… one of the stops on our recent voyage to the Panama Canal.  For three or four reasons, this big mug was begging to come home with me.  Here they are.

My next kitchen will be blue.  One of the silly things about being a builder-of-houses is that I’m forever planning the next house.  Whether it ever materializes or not, there’s always one on the horizon.  So it’s a fun daydream, and this beautiful blue cup is a small investment in the decorating scheme.

I love maps, and this has a sweet one with a starfish for a compass rose, along with names of all the beautiful Caribbean islands, including St. Thomas… where it seems our wanderlust began all those years ago.

It’s from a Dutch island, where I cruised to on a Dutch ship, and the delightful artistry of a cruise ship sailing along among coconut trees and tropical fish, hibiscus blossoms and a full moon, just puts a happy grin on my face.

Like others that have come before it, this cup will get some serious usage for awhile.  Then it will eventually work its way to the back of the cabinet due to dishwasher unloading order, and there it will hide for a few weeks until it resurfaces… like buried treasure in the Caribbean sea… and I’ll smile all over again with the discovery and the memories!


6 Responses to “Caribbean Coffee Cup”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Perfect! But then I LOVE all things blue and white. I would love a collection of blue flow or blue onion but when I started thinking of it the prices were already too high.:) Bue and yellow, especially when together, are my favorite colors. Love hearing about your cups.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Oh, and is that little ship an ornament? So cute.

  3. Sandy says:

    Yes… the ship is a new ornament. A Christmas gift from my sweet niece, Katie.

  4. Nico Francis says:

    Love this cup! A map with a starfish for the compass rose! Making warm memories on a cold day! Love the cruise ship, too!

  5. Robin says:

    The map cup is a great find. I love maps. And I like nothing better than choosing a mug for my tea. Yours is large, one of the best kind….I like to get a lot of tea from a new tea bag.

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