Catalog Dreaming

     I keep a little stack of catalogs at my desk.  When I’m finished with a day of invoices and taxes and spreadsheets, I can reach for my favorites and do a little dreaming.  It’s what I’ve just done, and I’ve got the page opened to this incredible merino wool, chunky cable knit sweater.  Oh yes… no doubt… Cabela’s!

     It’s not just the sweater.   It’s the whole deal.  She’s sitting there on a log, holding an apple, red barn in the blurry background.  I know they’re models… but they’re my kind of people!  Setting up tents, riding mountain bikes, carrying backpacks, crossing streams.  They’re all having a field day!

     When I say that I love this company, I really mean it.  I’m so proud to be affiliated with them.  I sure hope you’ll click over to Cabela’s from time to time.  It’s a great mini-vacation when you’ve got to be sitting at your desk!

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