This morning on the news I heard a country singer being interviewed.  He said, “Those of us who had enchanted childhoods…”.  I’m not even sure how he finished the sentence.  The morning routine was underway.  But the beginning of that sentence resonated with me because I fit right into that category.

So I take this opportunity to thank my parents publicly for all that enchantment.

Thank you for bougainvillea blossoms just outside my bedroom door… for loving pretty yards and expecting me to be a part of making them that way.

Thank you for giving me piano lessons, and realizing that would never work… so buying me a guitar instead.  (After I proved myself on the ukulele!)

Thank you for instilling in me a love for God and His Word.

Thank you for letting me sew little patchwork pillows with the fabric scraps, and letting me create my own ridiculous patterns and recipes.

Thank you for teaching me to read when I was such a tiny little thing.  I loved those Pam and Sam workbooks!  Not to mention… patiently helping me with trigonometry.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally, but also having high expectations of me.

Thank you for letting us keep that white cat.

Thank you for always playing beautiful music in our home, and for making wonderful meals, and for driving us around the United States.

Thank you for making me clean the dog pens and vacuum the house… just being a part of a family that took care of business.

My childhood was a delight.  Absolutely enchanted!

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  1. lawanda calton says:

    What a blessing early this morning! To find these memories from your childhood on my screen, and the photo of you and beloved “Whitey”. My mind goes racing back to those days of life at Belle Sage. Ha …we loved that name for our place in the sagebrush east of town! Golden days of dogs, horses, flowers, friends, and the smell of turpentine and oil paint! What a great movie in my mind! love to you, Sandy and Kim! mama

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes.. happy times. You and Daddy gave us a wonderful life, and I’m forever grateful!

  3. Jane Calton Welch says:

    We were all lucky to be so loved, cared for, and protected. I need to get out the picture of us as Indians to post! Lucky to get to play outside for hours on end with only an imagination! And then to stay so close as a family…forever! Hard to count all of our blessings!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I spend a lot of time feeling sorrowful for my friends who grew up in less than “perfect” homes. In reality I know my parents weren’t perfect but when I think back on it as you did this morning I remember all those wonderful things that made my childhood so precious to me. What a blessing. I did tell these feelings to my parents after I was grown, although not quite as eloquently as you have done. But everyone who feels that way needs to tell their parents while they can. Wish I could tell mine again! And I wish I had heeded more of my dad’s advice! He was a very wise man…I just didn’t realize how wise until I was about 40 and he had been gone for several years. Thanks, as always, Sandy, for stimulating my memory!

  5. Betty Williamson says:

    What a joy-filled column. Makes me smile with contentment.

  6. Kim Mann says:

    What a wonderful post for today! So happy to say that I shared that childhood, and it was enchanted. Thank you, Mama and Daddy!!!!

  7. M. Sue Moore says:

    Dear Sandy~
    Thank you for sharing happy memories, for showing that your childhood included your learning to give as a part of what you were given.
    Sharing smiles~

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