Chin Fee

My childhood cats were white.  Whitey showed up at our house by riding in the underside of our Grandma’s car one day.  We begged to keep her and she moved into our hearts.  Years later when she died, we got another white cat.  We named her Whitey.  She lived a very long life, well into my adulthood.  Her formal name was Mugayla.  (I don’t know why.)

But when I was newly wed, the cat that showed up on my porch one day was jet black.  We had no plan of getting a cat, but since this cat chose my porch and made such a grand plea to stay, I promptly named him, and let Gary know that we owned a cat.  We called him Raspy, but his formal name was Rasputin.  (Named after that dark and interesting Russian character.)

When we lived in the Caribbean, I selected the name for my next cat, but it was years down the road before he showed up at my house, another black cat pleading his case.  He was St. Kitts.  (Named for the island.)  That was his formal name, but he loved being called Kitters.  He was mentally challenged and cross-eyed.  He required eye surgery and daily ointment.  He was a special baby who needed lots of love and attention… and got it in great doses from G and me!

We were heart-broken when St. Kitts passed away, and determined not to have another cat.  We were planning to move from Guam, and knew we couldn’t leave a cat behind.  Kitts had died while we were off-island under the care of our house-sitters, and there was no way we were going to grow attached to a cat, only to have to say goodbye.

It was my birthday and we’d just come home from running.  Cooling off in the driveway, here she came.  Another black cat.  She was precious and little, she was pleading her case, and she was determined to stay.  Her life had already been difficult… we could feel a little bb imbedded in her shoulder.  She had a tiny little bit of white on her chin, so Gary gave her the formal name of Chin Fee Quitigua.  (Named for the oldest Chinese restaurant on Guam – along with a good island surname.)

Chinnie.  That little doll.  9 months later we were moving to the states, we were purchasing a plane ticket for her, and setting up her overnight sleeping arrangements in Hawaii since cats aren’t allowed to be tortured with long back to back flights like humans.  When she arrived in Houston a day behind us, she purred so loud for an hour straight.  It was a great reunion.

Somehow in the dealings of getting ourselves settled, Chinnie became a Houston girl.  She fell in love with her new sister Tiffany… my sister’s white cat.  The two were inseparable, and we all agreed they should be together.  And so, our little boonie cat lived out her days in Texas, and we visited her – along with her humans – as often as we could.

She became ill a couple of weeks ago.  Not eating.   She wasn’t simply in mourning over the loss of her sweet companion Tiffany Lynn.  She was seriously ill.  I’ve been thinking of her so much this week.  Finally today I decided I would sit down and write about her.  And two paragraphs above I got the call from my little niece.  She asked what I was doing.  I didn’t want to tell her what I was writing about… so just told her I was writing something for my blog.  I asked her what she was doing, and her sweet little nine year old voice told me that she didn’t want to have to tell me the sad news…

Chin Fee Marie Quitigua… our dear little Chinne Belle… you sure brought a lot of joy to our lives.  You were always our island girl, and I’m shedding tears as we close this lovely chapter.

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  1. Sandy says:

    To Chinnie’s family in Sugar Land… thanks for giving this girl such a grand life. I’m so sorry you’ve had to say goodbye to both of these beauties so close together. It’s a sad day.

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you, Sandy. This has been a very hard week for us. We just said our goodbyes, and my mom has taken her to the vet. The picture of Chinnie is so sweet! We are so glad that you brought her to us to live with Tiffany 🙂

  3. Sandy says:

    Chinnie has had a little rally. Maybe she’s going to make it through this!

  4. Cheryl says:

    OK, now I’m tearing up. I’ve always thought Chinnie had such an interesting story, although I never knew how she came to own you. And now I read she has had a rally! 🙂 How old is she and what did the vet say? Losing our pets is so hard. We still miss our Merlyn even though he’s been gone for 1-1/2 years now.

  5. Sharon Davis says:

    Good luck Chinnie! and the rest of you too, this is why we have cows at the Davis household.

  6. Marcea Clive says:

    Sandy and Kim, I am so sorry. It is so hard to lose a pet. I lost my little Kiki (Shih_Tzu) on New Year’s Day……They just become a part of our heart. But, oh, the joy they bring!
    Sandy, that picture is so neat.

  7. Gary FIelds says:

    I love my Chin Fee. Pigeon toes and large ears – she is something special. Thank you Mann’s for giving her such a SugarLand life all these years.

  8. lawanda calton says:

    Almost ten o’clock tonight and I’m just reading the story and comments. I am sad, too……….our little pets mean so much to us. Little people!!

  9. Hope your cat does well. I live on a ranch and have many cats called the breakfast club. 9 or 10 cat show for breakfast daily. Love toplay with them. They clean the critters out of my barn. We try to keep them spayed and neutered,but one young cat got pregnant before she was old enough. had her kittens but had no milk. We have bottle fed them till they are now on solid food, The mother still cares for them. Look at my horses on my website.

  10. Sharon Benthall says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. I lost mine in October. Miss Molly was 23 years old, a year older than my son, Blake. She was his reason for scooting, crawling, walking, and running! She will always be a part of us.

  11. Micah says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post! This is the first morning Riley hasn’t cried about the cat we lost on Sunday. I would never have even mentioned my cat on sunday had I known what you were going through! So sorry!

  12. Sandy says:

    I didn’t hear you saying anything about your cat. I’m so sorry for you!

  13. Mark says:

    Well, Chinnie is not doing well. She didn’t eat today and will go to the vet in just a little while for an assessment. Thank you all for your nice comments about Chinnie. Especially yours Sandy and Gary. We will follow up later.

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