Chocolate Almond Ice Cream


This is decadent.  It’s smooth and rich.  Yes, that about sums it up.  I think you’ll love it, so I hope you’ll make it soon!  Let me know.

1 twelve ounce jar of almond butter

½ cup of cocoa

1 cup of sugar

1 quart of half & half

I mixed everything with about a cup of the half & half to get it blended, then added the rest of the carton.  Then I gave it a spin in my trusty Quisinart freezer.  It’s best to do this in advance so the ice cream can have a few hours in your freezer before you serve it.  Enjoy!!


p.s.  Photographing this ice cream was like trying to get a photo of an unruly puppy.  Just couldn’t get a good shot… and the ice cream was melting every time I tried… and I just had to eat it right down!  It’s so good!


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