Chocolate Pudding Cookies

While I was searching through my dessert recipes to find the Strawberry Banana Cake, I ran across the Cooke Bake-Off recipes from Portales Junior High.  It was March 25, 1976.  What fun to see the names of my classmates along with their recipes… Sue, Ray, Greg, Debbie, Penny, Maria…  We were happy little bakers.

What to do?  I simply had to make a batch of my cookies.  And I loved them all over again.  Not too sweet… which you know appeals to me.  Every so easy… which most definitely appeals to me!

Chocolate Pudding Cookies

2 Cups Bisquick

2 – 4 ½ oz Boxes Instant Chocolate Pudding

2 Beaten Eggs

½ Cup Milk

1/3  Cup Cooking Oil

1 Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips


Mix together the biscuit and pudding mix.  Stir in the eggs, milk & oil.  Add the chocolate chips.  Drop by spoonful onto cookie sheet, and bake at 350 for 10 minutes.


5 Responses to “Chocolate Pudding Cookies”

  1. Betty Williamson says:

    Printed this one out. Looks like they’re worth a try!

  2. Lori says:

    So yummy! And just sweet enough! Rich flavor… Good chocolate is rich, not sweet! Thanks for sharing – and such an easy recipe!

  3. Robin Nations says:

    Gotta make these! May have to sub PB chips for the chocolate ones…..

  4. Sandy says:

    Ooh… peanut butter chips would be good!

  5. Pilar says:

    Good Morning Sandy,

    Just made a copy of the recipe I am going to make some for TJ to bring to California to visit his cousin’s high school graduation:-) next week.

    Hope he will not eat all of it on his way, He is going to take his car hahahahaha but will visit his Army friend in St. George for 2 days before heading to California.

    Have a blessed day to you and Gary.

    I love you, please give Mom a Big Hug.


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