Christmas Gift

Does your family share this tradition on Christmas Day?  My great-aunts and uncles always did, and I have one uncle in particular who carries it forward.  When we greet one another, it’s a game to see who can remember to say it first.  I believe if you’re the first, you’re supposed to get the other person’s presents.  I just love that nostalgic ring… when we’re gathering together for the holidays, the front door is opened, and “Christmas Gift!!” is the cheerful greeting.

On the subject of Christmas gifts… I have a suggestion.  How about giving “My Field Days” to friends and family.  Invite them on over.  (It’s especially easy on Facebook!)  Or send them a holiday greeting e-mail with a link to the site.

My Field Days… filled with simple pleasures, relaxing thoughts, nostalgic photos, sweet memories, good recipes.  These are the things I love, and the joy I like to share.  And what a treat… completely free.

Christmas Gift!


8 Responses to “Christmas Gift”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    This was not a Christmas day tradition, but a Christmas Eve tradition. My Mother always, as soon as we were out of bed, said “Christmas Eve Gift!”
    That meant whomever said it first was to get a gift.
    Anyhow, the gifts were never exchanged at that time, but she was always the first to say it. She was always smiling knowing she was the first………..

  2. Donna Gill says:

    Like Marcea’s family, my husband’s family had the tradition of the ‘eve’ added to it. He and one of his sisters could always be counted on to call each other at the stroke of midnight on Dec. 24th to see which one could beat the other. Always brought smiles and laughter.

  3. Lawanda Calton says:

    Granny Borden loved to get everyone’s Christmas Gift! And then my Dad and Mother never failed to get to us first with a jolly “Christmas Gift”! Thanks for letting me hear all of their voices so clearly just now! A gift to me!

  4. michelle pond says:

    What fun! I just love to learn more about your darling family.

  5. Betty Williamson says:

    Long-standing tradition in our house, too! In fact, we answer the phone that way on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because it is usually a far-off cousin calling to Christmas gift US! I wonder if this is a regional custom. It’s certainly been in our family a long time, and I always love hearing it has been in someone else’s family, too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sandy says:

    So far, all the comments have been from people in our area. How about this custom? Do any of you on the east coast or the west coast or other far-off-places share this tradition?

  7. Glenda Powell says:

    It was a custom of my maternal grandmother in West Texas as well.

  8. Sandy says:

    And now it’s our family’s Facebook tradition… who can post it in the family group first!!

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