Chuck Wagon Breakfast

Just another Tuesday morning in Portales.  Our bank president has a birthday and throws another party for us… this time a chuck wagon breakfast with pork chops, grilled peppers, flour tortillas, scrambled eggs and beans.  (And a passel of fritters for those with a sweet tooth!)

This bank always treats us!  Great Christmas parties, wonderful patriotic celebrations.  Inside.  Outside.  We love to go to the James Polk Stone Community Bank where we’re always served with friendly smiles.  (For all you old Portalesanos… the name is changed from Portales National.)

This morning a man was playing country ballads on his guitar while old friends gathered.  I love a morning like this… surrounded by family, friends, people we do business with, my former teachers, people we’ve built for, neighbors.  We all just mingle around and hug and laugh and drink from our new party-favor coffee cups.

Hooray for Small Town USA!  Thanks for the birthday breakfast, David.  70 looks good on you!

2 Responses to “Chuck Wagon Breakfast”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Amazing! And we wonder why the big NY banks just don’t get it!

  2. Cindy Gallagher says:

    Sounds delightful

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