Church House

From the very first week in 2011, when we broke ground on the first project of the year, I knew what our Christmas gift would be.  It was a great pleasure to build a beautiful church building in Portales this year… complete with a lovely white steeple and wonderful stained glass windows.  I always love making the ornaments… and these were a special treat.

 I usually run the bandsaw, but G helped me make quick work of it this year!

He cut and sanded while I stained and sprayed finish.

Started with the rooftops.

Installed the front doors.

Glad I wasn’t on a ladder painting all those steeples.

Stained glass windows in the making.

A light snow on the ground.

Awaiting inspections.

There are far more beautiful church house ornaments to be purchased in stores.

I’m quite sure these were made with much more love and joy!

I would send one to all of you if I could.

May blessings be yours in abundance!

My love, Sandy


4 Responses to “Church House”

  1. Linda PHARRIS says:

    So special, absolutely beautiful

  2. Kim Mann says:

    Another wonderful keepsake! Thank you!!

  3. Micah says:

    Thank you for the ornaments and the real thing!

  4. Marcea Clive says:

    Thank you soooooooooooo much, Sandy………

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