I have this clock.

If you’ve heard me say it once…  Ha!  Well, I must say it anyway.  I believe it is the most beautiful clock he’s ever made.  (I always think my treasures are the best treasures in the world!)

My father-in-law made this clock for us.  He’s made countless many.  In fact, he’s made more wood crafts than I can even begin to fathom.  More importantly, he’s helped hundreds upon hundreds of students create treasures of their own through the years.

Glen Fields taught shop classes at Portales High for over three decades, touching the lives of so many.  It’s a very common occurrence, as we go about our days in Portales, to have someone tell us that he was their favorite teacher.  Another common occurrence is to sit in a restaurant with my mother-and-father-in-law while Glen points out his former students sitting at other tables.  (And there’s usually a sideline comment about whether or not they were good at woodworking and drafting!)

Happy 78th Birthday to my talented father-in-law.  Thanks for making our lives special in many ways.


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  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Beautiful, Sandy.

  2. Wendell Chambers says:

    Hi , “Happy Birthday” to a great person. No way for you to remember all of us . Only Class I ever looked forward to attending , was a poor kid in Poverty , crappy clothes did not have anything . You never treated me diffent than rest of kids , I even had teachers make fun of me . Thanks so much for some good School Mems.
    Wendell Ray Chambers

  3. Sheryl Borden says:

    I have always been amazed at Glen’s talent in so many creative areas. His willingness to share this talent with students and others is to be admired. Happy birthday to a very special man – and may you have many, many more.

  4. Vivian says:

    Mr. Fields was one of the best at good ole PHS. I was his Office Aide for a couple of years and his neighbor. I even attended church with the family some. He is a very spiritual and giving man.Happy, happy birthday, Mr. Fields!!!

  5. Betty Williamson says:

    I’ve seen more than one of the beautiful clocks that Glen made, and have loved seeing his work over the years at the Roosevelt County Fair. His work will be passed down through families for generations. That alone would be a lovely legacy, but nothing can top the story that Ray Chambers left on here. Happy birthday to Glen Fields, and thank you for being a good man, as well as an artist with wood.

  6. Junie Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday, Glen. We always enjoy the friendly wave as we drive by your home. God bless your day and year. May He grant you and Shirley good health.

  7. Cheryl says:

    What a blessing! Wish he and my dad could have known each other. My dad taught shop for many years in high school until he needed more money than it provided to support our family. But he never stopped loving woodworking. One of my favorite memories as an adult was Dad helping me build a simple, small stool. I only have a couple of simple things he made…round towel rack, hook board, lamp…my sister has the neater stuff! This clock is absolutely beautiful! Mr. Fields sounds like an amazing person. No wonder Gary is such a neat, talented guy! Happy, happy birthday. May you have many more.

  8. Nancy Gentry says:

    What a wonderful man. He was my homeroom teacher in junior high. Of course I never learned the woodworking skill but years down the road my son Clark had him in high school. Clark received the award as the best woodworking student his senior year and I am now able to reap the benefits of that when I need a project done. He put in all my bamboo flooring and build me a cover for my patio last summer. Glen Fields has always and will always be a favorite of mine. Happy Birthday to a man who touched many lives through the years. I will never forget his dedication and love for his students.

  9. Lawanda Calton says:

    Glen Fields! A man with a big smile and a big heart. Happy Birthday, Glen! So good to see you and Shirley last Sunday at your son and daughter in law’s house. And they just happen to be my son in law and daughter! We have known each other for quite some time! You have a really great family and your son Gary is a very special person in my life! A chip off the old block?

  10. Jerry Madrid says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr.Glen Fields a great teacher and neighbor. Of all the teacher I had in PJHS Mr. Fields taught me more than any teacher I ever had. By helping and pushing me to be an auto mechanic. God Bless you for being a Super Person and thanks for caring for the kids that you taught that became blue collar workers.

  11. Sharon says:

    Happy birthday Glen, I always wondered what went on in your classes, in those days only boys took the class, but today…we could all learn to make a clock and what fun that would be. Best wishes for your birthday.

  12. Harlin Stobb says:

    Happy birthday to you my good friend. I enjoyed your shop class so much. Your faith in the Lord has blessed us all. You taught my hunters safety class also. You have raised a great family of Christians and have been an inspiration to me in many ways.

  13. Kim Mann says:

    Happy Birthday, Glen! I hope your day is wonderful:)

  14. GARY WATKINS says:



  15. Margret says:

    I didn’t have Mr. Fields as a teacher (girls weren’t exactly steered toward technology classes when we were younger) but I remember him well as always having a smile on his face and a kind word for students. Happy Birthday to a wonderful man who has left an enduring legacy for family, friends and students to treasure!

  16. Jane Calton Welch says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Fields! Home-Ec girls traded for a six weeks with shop boys when I was in ninth grade. I made a lovely wooden candle holder. I still have it! I was so proud and I’m sure he was delighted when the six weeks were over! Later, as an adult, substitute teacher, he always gave me good advice! Such a cheerful face to greet you in the morning! I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

  17. Larry Hill says:

    You finished a gun stock for me one time and I paid you two dollars. The good old days huh Glen. Larry Hill

  18. Happy Birthday Glen!! Have a wonderful day!!

  19. Dave & Pat Dodson says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  20. KIm Wells says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields! I hope you have a wonderful day! ;u)

  21. Dennis Cash says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields. You taught me to always measure twice, and cut once. I still can’t cut straight, but you are a great teacher that touched many of us postively beyond the shop. They threw away the mold after you were made. Continue to enjoy your “retirement”.

  22. Linda Place-Watson says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields. Although I never had a shop class with you, you always had such a wonderful smile and such a positive attitude to all the students. Enjoy your special day!

  23. Marcia McCord says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Fields! I LOVED my drafting class with you, except when the ink smeared. I think everyone expected since I was an engineer’s daughter I already knew what to do. I didn’t! You taught me and I was proud to make the grade in your class! You made it a lot less scary to “compete” with the boys, too. You were a great teacher!

  24. Mark Mann says:

    Happy Birthday Glen! You are a wonderful person. Thanks for all you’ve done for so many people and for being an inspiration to us all. I hope you have a birthday full of wonderful wishes, smiles and lots of love!

  25. Steve Villianeuva says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day Mr. Fields…God Bless!

  26. Gary Cozzens says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields. I echo what Dennis Cash said. I had you twice and use what you taught me most every day. What a blessing.

  27. Steve Boothe says:

    Mr. Fields (I can’t call him anything else) has had an amazingly indelible impact on me. I was in his class in 1963-64. To begin with, I am STILL using the dinky little bookshelf I made in “shop” under his tutelage. I’m also still using a set of bookends I made thanks to his watchful eye. I also often remember his advice about laying out a building or a house. “You shouldn’t be able to see into the bathroom from the front door.” I cannot tell you how often I’ve seen restaurants or homes where you can do exactly that!! — and I always think “Mr. Fields wouldn’t like this.” But the most important thing is that after Mr. Fields’ drafting class, I decided that “engineering” must be a lot of fun. Then Ms. Beck taught me to enjoy chemistry in high school. So when it became time to pick a college major, I chose “Chemical Engineering.” Mr. Fields helped determine my life’s vocation, and I can’t say “Thank you” enough. My warmest regards!!!!!!

  28. Katie Howell says:

    Hi Glen! I hope you have had a wonderful birthday!! This clock is beautiful!

  29. Donna McBroom says:

    Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes for dad. I can’t begin to explain what they have meant to him today! He’s a special man and I am blessed to call him dad! I love you dad and great idea Sandy!

  30. Karla Fields Caroland says:

    Dad……. I hope you had a wonderful day….. thank you to all who recognized and wished him well on his 78th Birthday. I love you Dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY….. Love Karla

  31. DeAnne Outhouse Whisenhunt says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields!!! Thanks for being a kind and caring teacher
    who inspired so many! Thanks also for being a good friend to our family.

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