Coin Toss

After we finished off the enchiladas and the strawberry short cake, we sat around the Sunday dinner table looking through pages and pages of family history.  My mother-in-law has put together a really wonderful notebook of photos and articles and family trees.  I’m always fascinated with the stories.

This great-great-grandfather of Gary’s, with the grand name of Valentine, left Pennsylvania for Kansas – eventually settling in Oklahoma.  He tossed a gold coin to make the final decision on whether or not to head west.

Decisions, decisions!  We’re all right where we are, living in these particular bodies with these particular names and features, as a result of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of decisions made through the ages.  I ponder that from time to time, and I find it delightfully overwhelming!

All the steps and decisions of those who came before us brought a little boy and a little girl to Portales, New Mexico, where they would live in neighborhoods that would send them both to RM James Elementary, then right off to junior high and high school in the exact same year.  They would both be musically inclined and would fall in love through their experiences together in the band.

Thanks to our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents for making the choice to come here.  Don’t know what I’d do without that boy who made the choice to marry me.  So glad his great-great-grandfather’s coin toss said to go west.

I’m thrilled you were born 49 years ago.  Happy Birthday G!


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