Colorful Kitchen

Today I stepped inside one of our construction projects.  It’s almost completion day, and it’s  so much fun to see the carpet going down, the appliances in place, painters doing touch-up, electricians putting on the final plates, mini-blinds being hung.  It always seems a bit like army ants scurrying about to make it all happen, and of course… it makes me smile!

Today I saw a pink oven and a lime green dishwasher.  For a split second I thought something had gone quite wrong with the ordering, but then I laughed at myself… for today and also over an old memory.

We once bought a baby blue oven.  Well, it was really white.  But the little part that sticks up in the back with the burner controls… that part was baby blue.  It was right there on the floor in the hardware store in Anigua on Guam.  Ever the frugal shoppers, and thinking that one stove cooks as good as another, we opted for this lower-priced model… even though that baby blue back was going to be a little bit funky.

Ha!  What silly fools!  You’d think we’d never had anything to do with construction or appliances!  After a few weeks one of us was cleaning on that stove top when we realized that the baby blue corner was curling up a little bit.  What’s this??  It’s not actually a baby blue component?  Are you telling me this is a protective film coating?  (Okay, give us a break here.  That kind of thing was newfangled at the time!)

We love laughing at that again and again.  Today was a fun reminder.  I hope you’re able to laugh at yourself over something today.  And I hope you’re able to save a buck here and there.  They do add up!


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  1. Sandy, seeing that pink oven door reminds me of my very FIRST one as a new bride! It had been my husband’s grandmother’s…and I delighted in learning how to cook with it! My teen husband would drop in for lunch, I would serve him the main dish, he would visit,…I would serve him a vegetable…he was getting a little nervous when “Here are the hot rolls, Honey!”…and as he rushed out the door, I pitifully announced, “Dessert will be done in thirty MORE minutes!!!” ~ (Took me a while to get EVERYTHING on the table AT ONCE!) LOL!

  2. Marcea Clive says:

    Well, it wasn’t that long ago that I had a pink oven, pink stove top and pink sink. Those were the appliance colors when I moved into this house in 2005…….

  3. Sandy says:

    Great times Carolyn!
    And you know what’s funny? I have a pink oven in my garage… a left-over from a remodel we did. My kitchen holds a beautiful black convection oven which I cannot stand… and I do most of my cooking out in the garage in the trusty old pink one!

    But the one in the photo will be a beautiful polished nickel once the protective coating is removed in a few days. =)

  4. Sandy says:

    Hee hee! I also photographed the green dishwasher… and I was thinking… “Well.. this is pretty much the color of the appliances we had when I was growing up!”

  5. Cheryl says:

    Too funny! I recently saw one of those “green” dishwashers! But I have a relative whose husband painted her appliances turquoise to go with her tangerine countertops! She knew what she liked! And, how funny, the truth comes out…never would have dreamed you would cook in your garage! I think we need a picture of that!

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