Comfort Sounds

Although gadgets aren’t my favorite things, I do admit to loving my computer and my smart phone.  Communication devices… I do love my communication gadgets!  And although I was quite content with a phone without bells and whistles for several years, I’ll admit that I’m becoming quite the fan of “apps”.  And I’ll admit to whipping out my phone during a Bible study to quickly tap-tap-tap and find a specific passage in a specific version using my Bible App.

The other night I was in a fairly large group in a Sunday night Bible class, and we were all turning back and forth, here and there in our Bibles.  I noticed a friend across the way, pulling up passages on his phone… and I wondered how long it would be before this would be the norm.  Everyone holding some electronic device, rather than the literal Good Book.

And the beautiful sounds of those lightweight pages being turned all at once filled my senses.  I realized what a wonderful ‘comfort sound’ that is to me.   Ahhh… I’ve been drinking it in.  Wednesday night in my women’s class I happily enjoyed the sound again.  It’s the type of class where we look up many, many verses on a particular subject, giving me grand opportunity to enjoy that music to my ears.

It caused me to do a little research this week.  Bible paper typically has cotton or linen in it, giving it strength even though it’s very thin.  The sound of those pages turning is sweet and unique.  Be sure to enjoy it while it lasts!


A wonderful place to shop for Bibles… the kind with the beautiful paper AND the kind that go click, click, click…


4 Responses to “Comfort Sounds”

  1. lawanda calton says:

    You always take time to “smell the roses”, Sandy. thanks for sharing this note about the Bible pages this morning!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Hearing is an amazing sense. I’m very sensitive to sounds even though I know I have a good bit of age-related hearing loss. I think it is interesting to compare how different sounds affect (is that right?…I’ve never been good with knowing which one) me. I like the sounds of Bible pages turning if it isn’t done too heartily. I can hardly bear the sound of the tapping…that goes along with the sounds of keyboards and the click of the mouse. Don’t get me wrong…I love using those devices, just don’t like the sound. The sound of a human heartily crunching chips sets my nerves on edge, but the sound of a horse crunching grain is soothing. I could probably spend the day coming up with comparisons, but I won’t.:) BTW, please keep communicating using your modern devices. It often makes my day!

  3. Marcea Clive says:

    Thanks, Sandy. The turning of those pages is truly a unique sound.

  4. Betty W. says:

    Wonderful observation. I hope the sound of pages turning lasts a long, long time for oh so many reasons. It’s one of my favorite sounds, too.

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