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Maybe you’ve had the opportunity, at some point in your life, to use a porta-potty on a construction site.  I know, I know… most of my dear readers probably haven’t.  It’s one of those opportunities I take for granted.

Well, all this to say a little something about that line of work.

Every month I write plenty of checks for the business.  I buy bricks and sheetrock.  I pay plumbers and painters.  I rent dumpsters and portable toilets.  This month, when that bill arrived from Mighty Vac Pumping, with its cheerful hand-stamped envelope and its brightly colored invoice paper, I just had to smile again.  These people charge a minimal fee to drive around in trucks taking care of this delicate situation.  They keep those little plastic buildings as spic and span as can be.

What a service.  Truly!  What a service!

It’s not a glamorous business.  Nothing very exciting about it.  But we sure couldn’t get along without them. 

Thank you, all over again, to the people who keep our jobsites rolling.  And today, just a special thank you to the crew that keeps that toilet paper rolling!  


7 Responses to “Customer Service”

  1. Robin Green says:

    You always see and appreciate the little things amidst the bigger things, Sandy. It feels safe to be your friend for I know you’ll see the best in me and focus on that – although realizing the true picture. I miss you!

  2. Sandy says:

    Well, I never thought a comment on the port-a-potty piece would make me cry… but this one did, Robin. I miss you too!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Rudy wants to know…Is this where portable toilets originated: Portatales?
    As always, what a sweet, happy article giving every business a feel good moment. You’re the best. I so agree with Robin.:)

  4. Sandy says:

    Ahhh.. thanks!
    And yes.. everything originates in Portales – the center of the universe!

  5. Betty says:

    I’ve used plenty of portables, both well-maintained and not so well-maintained, so I quite agree with you. The folks who do this not-so-fun job well certainly make life better for all who need them! A well-earned tribute, I’d say.

  6. Susanne Blake says:

    Well, it was great seeing this blog about port-a-potties. Made me smile about all the times in the mountains, in the woods camping, at Native American ceremonies…at downtown events in OKC…that I came across a port-a-potty and was so grateful! Then we had an expert on port-a-potties speak at Rotary tell the history of port-a-potties. Wish I could remember all of it. He actually brought pictures as part of a power point. One was a port-a-potty we helped build at a campsite in Oklahoma. Bet this may surprise many of my relatives. It did surprise many at our Rotary Club when our presenter asked if anyone had ever helped build one? I raised my hand as I have helped build one several times in our camping days. I shared that with the speaker. I loved the amazed look of many of my friends. Yes, some are kept very nice and some are not. But I am so grateful when I find one when in need. I thank everyone also that has helped build professional ones and the hand built one board at a time others.

  7. Sandy says:

    Oh my goodness. The things you learn from this blog! =)

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