Cute Socks and Heavy Cream

Mary Janes

I’m having a week.  Monday was a bear, and Tuesday has proven to be a Monday all over again.

On top of the regular misery that isn’t worth mentioning, my blog suffered a major setback thanks to web-hosting and domain-pointing errors that make no sense to me.

The good thing is, I haven’t written on this blog very much this year.  The bad thing is, the three posts I wrote about darling baby Eliza have vanished.  I’m torn between trying to re-publish them, or to leave it alone.

I do know for certain that seeing these simple items on the check-out counter gave me a lift.

I needed a cup of coffee, but we’d run out of cream.  My one and only cup of the day had been filled with coffee grounds because my K-Cup exploded.  (But I’d used the last of the cream, and I always put the cream in first, so it was do or die.)

So… off to the store for cream.  Hadn’t had strawberry scented shampoo in ages, and that just sounded refreshing.  Didn’t want to hurry back to my office where the weight of the world seemed to be camping out, so I took a detour over to the far end of the store.  And there I found the sweet little socks woven to look like Mary Janes.  Something I’ve always wanted!  Always!

All this to say, my blog seems to be repaired, I’ve got cream in the fridge, the week isn’t perfect, but I’m carrying on and shall do my best to delight in simple pleasures.


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