Dance Recital

 They were dancing just for me… an audience of one.  I was on the treadmill in the garage with the door up, looking out across the driveway, and there they danced. 

The little ones are always on stage first, with their tiny silver dresses making perfect little circles.  As the music grows louder, the beat stronger, the larger ones come thundering onto the scene.  Although the miniature dancers are adorable, I’m always thrilled when they’ve had their few moments of glory and have to make way for the real show.

I was a child when I first met these street performers.  Sometimes they would dance up and down the highway out in front of my grandparents’ furniture store.  If I was lucky enough to be there when they made their appearance, I’d go sit right there in the big display windows laughing with glee at the grand spectacle.

Oh, I’m sure you’ve seen them too.  They’re the rain fairies who occasionally come to our community.  Surely you stop what you’re doing and head for the nearest window to catch their sweet recital.  How I love to cheer them on from my front row seat.  Dance little rain drops, dance!


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