Day By Day

For 15 days we wound our way through the Himalayas – a fabulous trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp near Gorak Shep, then back to Lukla.

We were eight Americans, from both coasts and in between.  Our ages ranged over five decades… a happy band of pilgrims, traveling 80 miles together, and thousands of feet in elevation.  (You have never – in all your living days – seen a group of people get so giddy over steaming hot towels served up on a platter just before dinner!)

There were three Kiwis with us – all guides with Active Adventures based in New Zealand, our two Nepalese guides, and our incredible group of five porters who carried our gear, our extra clothing, our battery chargers and alarm clocks.  Always smiling under the heavy load.

So this is the daily routine —

Up early in the morning in a freezing cold room, switching out of sleeping clothes into hiking clothes, doing a little something with wet wipes to prepare for the day.

Stuff the sleeping bags and pillows, load the huge bag for the porters with toiletries, shoes, clothes, then set it out in the hall.  This is harder than you might think when it’s 29 degrees in your room.

Off to the dining room for the breakfast (ordered the previous night after supper).  Amazing menus!  Truly!  More variety than I could have dreamed.  I ate plenty of boiled eggs… seemed to become my favorite staple.

Time to put on the backpacks and set off for the day.  Either an acclimatization day-hike then back to our tea house for lunch, or making miles along the gorgeous, difficult, trekker, porter, yak, and donkey filled trail.

Two hours into the hike we stop for hot tea, always in a lovely place, always with a breathtaking view.

Along we go – listening to languages and accents from around the world, and the ever present yak bells.

Two hours later we stop for lunch, always in a lovely place, always with a breathtaking view.

After a rest, back to that trail.  Our Nepalese guide leads us step by slow step along the way.  Bistari, bistari… slowly, slowly.  Even when our path was level with no rocks – a rare sight – we inched our way along.  To climb ever higher into the thin air, we were in very safe hands.   Lots of water breaks.  Stopping to take photos anytime we wanted.

In the afternoons we arrived at our next tea house.  Our porters had arrived much earlier, our quaint rooms were waiting, we gathered in the dining room to get instructions from our guide and place our supper order.  More hot tea. 

Buy some wifi if they have it, and do a little Facebook.  (How unreal is that?)

To the rooms.  Unpack.  Do what you can with the wet wipes while you shiver out of your hiking clothes and into your sleeping clothes.  Layer up, head to the dining room.  

More hot tea, more delicious food, more instructions from our leader for the following day, then placing the breakfast order.

Off to bed, collapsing on the pillow… weary from the serious effort of the day, and thrilled with visions of majestic scenery while drifting off to sleep.


9 Responses to “Day By Day”

  1. michelle pond says:

    How utterly fantastic!

  2. Clara thomas says:

    Wow The views were amazing thanks for sharing.

  3. Betty Moser says:

    I just can not imagine a trip like you just completed. I enjoy reading your Blog.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks everyone! I’m so excited about tomorrow’s post. A grand collection of our favorite photos. You’re going to love it!

  5. Nico Francis says:

    I can barely wait until tomorrow’s blog! Did you sleep with your hiking clothes at the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep them warmed up to put on? Loved the WiFi service! Such an interesting group of travel companions. I was intrigued that signage was in English. Who could have imagined a place called “Wild Horse Lodge & Restaurant” in the Himalayas?

  6. Sandy says:

    On the coldest days, I slept in the clothes I would wear the following day.
    English… quite the universal language. Certainly makes it easy for a traveler such as I!

  7. Marcea Clive says:

    Loving the journey. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Thanks, Sandy.

  8. Robin Green says:

    Those mountains! The pictures take your breath away…. and if you are actually climbing them higher and higher, I imagine your literal breath becomes more and more difficult. What a trip!

  9. Kim says:

    Loving every minute of it!

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