Day Three Hundred

Today is the three hundredth day of the year.  Obviously… the year is marching right on by, the holidays are coming soon, and if you had something you wanted to accomplish in 2011, you’d better get on it!

As for me and my walk-a-mile-every-day goal… I just want to give a little report since I did so on day two hundred.  Folks, I won’t lie.  The zeal is gone.  I’m still trying to plug away at it, but the determination I had in the first half of the year has given way to mediocrity.  Instead of being determined to go for the official “walk” every day, I have found myself claiming that two hours of cleaning on the jobsite will do.  Or an afternoon up and down a ladder counts.  Or walking four miles in one day takes care of missing a day.

It’s all well and good.  I love the walks, I get lots of exercise, my partners in this mission don’t chastise me.  (Are they even walking a mile every day?  I don’t know.  We stopped holding each other accountable somewhere along the line.)

I was doing a fantastic job with it until that fateful Fourth of July when I somehow forgot about it.  After that first miss, it was sure easier to miss again.  And there’s the accountability thing.  I think somewhere around 230 or 240 days of this we all just got tired of telling each other we’d done our mile.

So, here’s the lesson in all this.  Set your goals and cling to them with as much gusto as you can summon!  Once you let a little discouragement in, things can unravel pretty easily if you’re not careful.  Hang in there!  Stay on top of it!  Do what you can to see it through!  I’ve got sixty five days left in this challenge, and I intend to pull it off without anymore slacking!

(And how about this… it snowed in Portales last night, with more predicted today… so I’ve got a wintry walk coming my way this afternoon!)

3 Responses to “Day Three Hundred”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Sandy, you can do it………..

  2. Jill says:

    I think my MED will come at the sidelines of tonights football game in an attempt to stay warm. It’s a cold day to be a “streaker”!

  3. Sandy says:

    Ha!! A cold day to be a ‘streaker’ indeed!!!
    Thanks again for giving me this challenge, Jill. It’s been a really fun part of my year!

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