I have this desk.

Many of you have one just like it… or very similar.  It’s a wonderful old piece made of solid oak, and the matching chair is so beautiful.  It was my Nana’s desk.  I think she worked on it out at the peanut mill, but I remember it being in their house always.  Its drawers were always filled with papers and maps.  A fun place for my cousins and me to sit and play office.

Now it sits in my guest bedroom, and I’m always glad to know that people are actually sitting at this desk, laptops whirring, perhaps writing e-mails to family or friends before they go to bed.  Wouldn’t Nana have loved that!

I keep the top drawer filled with little treasures… old business cards from the peanut mill and the furniture store, my grandfather’s glasses, a couple of pocket knives – because my granddads always carried pocket knives, a magnifying glass, old coins, one of the little measuring tapes like my Grandma carried in her purse.

Do you have a treasure drawer like this?  I hope so.  I was just in that room to put fresh sheets on the bed, and I took a moment, like I occasionally do, to open that drawer and just smile.

4 Responses to “Desk”

  1. lawanda calton says:

    You have a way of “making my day!

  2. Robin says:

    I have a similar drawer in my mom’s buffet….old coins, my gramma and granpa’s lettuce knives, great gramma’s hair combs, someone’s old glasses. I hate clutter, but sometimes those tangible memories can bring a warmth and a smile that take the dreary out of a yucky old day.

  3. Kim says:

    I love looking in that drawer when I visit your home! I put items like you describe in all kinds of places in the house, so that whenever I open up a drawer, or cabinet door, I have happy reminders!

  4. Cheryl says:

    And yet another motivation to get the junk out of some drawers and place in them things that have special memories; things that collect dust if just left out but will generate a smile if seen every now and then in a protected home.

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