Dinner Party

I keep attending the same old dinner party, over and over again.  I go back because I can’t stand the thought of missing out.

Oh, you’re there too.  We all go to the function night after night.

And we listen to the same old stories about baking cookies.  The same people prattle on about their cat’s cute antics.  I should know.  I’m a teller of those tales.

We get caught in the corner by that person who simply will not stop talking politics, not allowing us a word in edgewise.  We look imploringly to others for help when we’re being held hostage by the soul who has told us more about their last visit to the dentist than we can bear to hear.

We’re a little in dread over who we’ll be sitting next to, and we wonder if this will be the evening when the aloof family member will take notice of our presence and give us a nod.

We tell ourselves that we’re taking a break.  We don’t need to be there all the time.  So what if we miss out on some big news?  Someone will surely fill us in.  But, like the moth to the flame, we return.

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  1. Katie Howell says:

    Ha! I love it 😉

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