Do I Quilt?

Do you quilt too?

A friend from my childhood asked me this recently.  We haven’t been in touch for years and years.  In fact, this blog is what has actually brought us back together.  She was a grown woman when I was a little girl.  “The preacher’s wife.”

And so, as we spend a little e-mail time catching up on one another’s lives… she sent me a wonderful video to watch about a blind woman who quilts completely by touch.  I had no idea the video would be so inspirational.  I just knew it would be about quilting, because of this leading question, “Do you quilt too?”

My instant, without thinking, answer was:  Yes.  Yes… indeed… she sits up a little taller as she types… yes… I quilt.

Wait a minute.  I quilt?   Really now?  When was the last time I quilted?  When was the last time I went to my quilters’ monthly gathering?  Have years really gone by without me attending a quilt show?

I love quilting.  Piecing… not so much.  (It would help to be a perfectionist when piecing, and I’m definitely not!)  But the actual act of hand quilting, the rhythm of the needle and thread, the goal before me, the narrowing in on completion.  I love that!

But what I think I love more than any of this is how it keeps me connected to my heritage.  My quilts aren’t beauties.  They’re fun… they’re fabric I love… they’re meant to be used on cold winter days, or down on the floor for babies to play on, or one more layer on top of the bed when guests are staying for Christmas.  I think it’s what the great-grandmothers of my ancestry had in mind for their quilts.

I have some fabric in the closet.  And it may have stayed there longer than it should have because it’s got a pattern to go with it.  Patterns!  Ugggh!  I don’t like to read the manual on any kind of gadget, and I don’t like to follow instructions on patterns.  But I’m inspired.  I think it will be a delightful project.  Today I’m going to pull it all out and just see what I can see.  Oh my… I didn’t really mean to say that.  Now I’ve literally got tears in my eyes.  Wouldn’t the blind woman love to see that pattern?

Thank you, June, for spurring me on!

4 Responses to “Do I Quilt?”

  1. Kim Mann says:

    I love looking at the antique quilts, and knowing that the fabric pieces were probably from clothing the people had also made.

  2. Nico says:

    I haven’t quilted or pieced in decades, but I treasure the quilts that have been passed down through the women in my heritage. My son’s baby quilt was started by my mother before the age of 10. I feel blessed that she dug up the embroidered nursery rhyme pieces and stitched it together. My great grandmother’s quilt is, indeed, made from their old clothes. I loved your quilt blog!

  3. Marcea Clive says:

    I don’t quilt, but will always tresure the Dutch Doll quilt that my Mom made for me. She made one for all 4 of us girls. I know each stitch is filled with her love for us.
    Now, I have tears.

  4. Robin Green says:

    I made Tim and Autumn a flannel quilt for Christmas this year. I should say I pieced it, then my Mom and I quilted it as a team. It turned out so nicely! It was strips of fabric (had to read the directions), and I made up my own border to make it large enough for their bed.

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