I have these dominoes.

One set I bought for Gary.  One set has my grandfather’s name written out in his handwriting taped to the box.  Another is a beautiful old set just like one that belonged to my other grandfather.  (I’m spoiled to have family members who search out treasures on the internet and share their finds!)

Dominoes are a happy part of our lives.  We’ve played lots of games through the years, but the one that takes the cake is “42”.  Oh my… I love to write.  I don’t intend to “say” what I say… but my fingers are moving, and fun things come out.   Taking the cake!  As the words were going onto the screen, I flashed back to Gary’s 42nd birthday.  What else to do but have a 42 party with friends, and have a rectangular cake made to look like the four-deuce?

We play at family gatherings.  (It’s not really a New Year if Gary isn’t shaking dominoes when the clock strikes midnight.)  There’s a league in the community, so G is often bidding 32 or 33 on Monday nights with the guys from the electrical co-op.  He’s a substitute.  Yes!  If you can’t make it, there is no messing around.  You get a substitute.  Now we’ve got a group from our church getting together on Thursday nights to play.

This is what I love about the Thursday night gathering.  I haven’t gone, but G comes home telling me the stories.  For the past two weeks our friend has been bringing his son.  Or the grandfather brings him, or his uncle.  Or the big brother brings him.  There’s quite an age span between these two brothers.  The older is married, the younger is still in grade school.

Now… 42 is a game of staying focused!  I remember learning as a girl.  Someone has to sit with you to help you along… and there are all these chances to play the wrong domino, to accidentally give count to the other team, to throw out the domino that everyone else would easily recognize as a walker you should have held, to lead a trump when you should have thrown something away to let your partner get the lead.  Oh, the intimidation!

So I’m awfully proud of my young friend for going to this gathering of seasoned players.  Although these brothers have surely played lots of sports together, they will play 42 together for years and years to come… I’m sure of it.  I’m glad to see they’re getting such an early start!

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  1. Marcea Clive says:

    Sandy, when I was growing up in the Arch community we had a 42 party every Saturday night. The adults would play 42 and the kids would play “ring games” outside. 42 has been “the game” in my family for years. Every Saturday night it was at a different neighbor’s house and everyone would bring cakes and cookies and it lasted until the adults had worn themselves out on 42, then we all went home. It’s a great game.

  2. Sandy says:

    I recently read a precious obituary in the Portales paper about a woman from one of our smaller nearby communities. There was a beautiful paragraph about the weekly 42 parties she and husband had hosted for years… how she had made them so special with her pretty dishes. I could picture it… dominoes and snack sets. I love 42! Another wonderful chapter in our heritage. So glad to know your family also plays, Marcea.

  3. Marcea Clive says:

    Growing up in that small community with all the neighbors was a great time in my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  4. Marcea Clive says:

    Sandy, I have a limerick for you. It probably sounds corny next to yours and I am not a limerick writer, but here goes:
    There’s this sweet gal we all know named Sandy.
    We all think she’s just dandy.
    With the blog that she wrote
    And the Bible she would quote
    It all has come in quite handy……….

    Thanks for keeping me entertained. Love your blog.

  5. Sandy says:

    Marcea… you make me smile! Alot! Thanks!

  6. Linda Davis says:

    I was initiated into Steve’s family 33 years ago…playing 42! We have started playing again with friends and it has been so much fun!

  7. Sandy says:

    Yes, I think you can’t marry into a “42 family” unless you pass the test of understanding nello and plunging!

  8. Janice says:

    Sandy love your story. It brings back so many memmories. We all reminissed over the game the othernight. Ron was also brought up playing fourty two. Barbara I think enjoyed it after she caught on. And she did very well.. We also talked about all of the differant types there were..As I said now that we know watchout.. Will keep you both in mind the next time we get lucky enough to get together..

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