I know a few acronyms.  Like PE… that’s physical education.  Or PHS… that’s Portales High School.   Pretty much I just don’t use them.  You probably won’t get an LOL out of me, but I will happily type out “hee hee”.  It’s basically because I can’t ever remember what the letters stand for.

Well, I’ve learned this one this year, and I have a feeling I’ll keep it stored in the ol’ brain.  EBC.  Everest Base Camp. 

I don’t expect it to be the most beautiful day of the trek.  I truly am looking more forward to the streets of Kathmandu and the Namche Bazaar.  But I’m mighty excited to add EBC to my list of places visited, and that’s where we’ll be hiking to on this 31st day of October.

Climbing Everest?  No way!  But we’re going to see the famous place where the climbers begin.  The air will be thin and the adrenaline will be flowing!


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