Eighth Home – Hyundai House

Talk about a blip on the radar!  This house was another transition place.  Our friends were returning to the island and needed their house back, and we were just getting started building our own house, so we were able to rent this place from Trans World Radio in the neighboring village of Santa Rita in the Hyundai Subdivision.  Basically, we camped out there for a year.  (There are no pictures of the place.)

I had decided to open a little shop selling pretty hats and cute baby clothes, all adorned with tropical flowers.  The living room of that house served as my warehouse for “Hibiscus Fancy”.

Gary and I were both still teaching school, so every waking moment was spent doing that, or working at my gift shop, or building the new house.  Honestly, I don’t remember cooking a meal in that kitchen.  We only air-conditioned the bedroom, and to unwind at night we would take turns playing Mine Sweeper on our little computer.  I think we had a bed and a computer desk at that point.

Truly, we were pouring ourselves into building our next home.  Gary is always up to a challenge, and I’ve always marveled at his determination to figure out how to get over the next hurdle.   Building a “concrete bunker” in a typhoon and earthquake zone meant tons of concrete below ground before even considering any concrete above ground. 

He designed our pretty place, fitting it beautifully onto our hillside lot, engineering underground drainage systems to deal with the amazing amounts of rainfall.

This was one hectic year.  As has often times been the theme in our lives… we were quite tired all the time…  but very excited!


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