Field Day Clean Up

Our go-to guy quit last week.  In our world, this literally means the person to whom we say “go to the job and do this or that.”  And in our world, it meant that I was the go-to guy today.  Go to the new house site for a major clean-up!  The framers and fireplace masons all finished today, so it was time for some serious sprucing.

Most of the houses we build are out in the country, so the morning started with a pretty drive enjoying a gorgeous pink sunrise.  Construction sites on acreages plus our high plains wind equals plenty of plastic bottles and bags and nail boxes and sunflower seed sacks out and about.  Truly… I enjoyed the time, gathering it up, listening to Bob White quail, feeling ever so thankful for all the tiny green plants popping up as a wonderful testimony to our recent rains.

Meanwhile, the other sounds of the morning were also music to my ears.  The back-up beep of the fork lift, nail guns firing, saws cutting… the instruments that put food on our table, this computer on my desk, the roof over our heads.

And for the next few hours I worked at hauling scrap materials to the dumpster, while several gentlemen worked at it too.  They’re always so good to help me with a heavy load… these men who, day in and day out, do the heavy lifting and hard hitting it takes to build a house.

I love being on the job.  Most days I’m just walking through in a little pair of sandals, having a look, enjoying happy small talk with anyone who’s working.  But it sure felt good to put on the work boots today.  It is sincerely a privilege to work side by side with the men and women who do what it takes to put a beautiful house together.

From one extreme to the other, the weather has made working conditions just brutal this year.  I mean it… you people are heroes!   Thank you for making our job possible!

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