Field Day, Inc.

Look at this adorable little necklace pendant my sister just gave me!  If you’re around me very much, you know instantly that it was made for me.  That jewel encrusted boot pretty well sums me up!  Ha!  As I type I realize I’m wearing one of my Field Day sweatshirts with our business logo boldly stamped on the front.  It’s boots.  Call them work boots, call them hiking boots… they’re staples in our wardrobes, G’s and mine.

Gary’s been running his own construction businesses since he was a teenager, and we’ve always had these typical business names:  Fields Woodworking, Fields Fine Woodworking and Building, Fields This or That.  Okay… the last one isn’t true… but you get the picture.  A few years ago it was time to get incorporated, so that calls for a little legal maneuvering, and declaring a new name for the business.  We were ready for something different.

I can’t even remember all the names we came up with, but I’m sure glad we decided on the one that stuck in our heads…  Field Day, Inc.   We decided it was “us”.  We work hard, we play hard.  We like precision, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  We love life, and are having a field day along the way.  Gary knew from the start that he wanted our boots in the logo, and I love what he came up with.  (Don’t get me started on the list of what all he’s incredible at!!!  But I’ve got to mention what a great artist he is.  Love these boots!)

When it came time to name my blog, I only thought about it for a few short minutes.  The name was obvious.  And you know… I was hiking in the wilderness in my favorite boots when the blog was conceived.

Thanks for the little gold boot, Kim!  It’s perfect.

2 Responses to “Field Day, Inc.”

  1. Sue Moore says:

    Love the stories, Sandy…looked for pictures, but some are missing. 🙁 Thought you’d want to know.
    The boot is absolutely perfect and pictured!

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes… something has been up with the photo adding gadget! Miss “kicking and screaming” is trying to get it fixed! No other pictures were supposed to be there, so some phantom photo is trying to bug me!!

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