Fifth Home – Cherry House

This house was a huge part of our lives, even though we only lived there a little over a year.  It was the first house Gary ever built.  Although he’d spent his life working in all aspects of the building trade, this was his first project from the ground up.  And I have to include a side note about this.  If you know Gary, you know he’s intent upon setting and reaching goals.   So, early on he set a goal that he’d build his first house when he was 22 years old.  I think he was 28 when he completed this house, and I’ve always thought it was pretty ridiculous that he never really forgave himself for falling behind schedule.  (Ha!  I think he eventually did.   To know that man is to love him!)

Before we left St. Thomas, he bought a book called “Cutting in Roofs”.  I think that was the catchy title.   I loved watching him frame that house.  Meanwhile, I was painting up tiles and finding a place to fire them for my custom kitchen backsplash.   I wanted gingerbread on the porch, so Gary made me do the cutting. 

We were ready to become builders in Portales, and we were just thrilled to host an open house one Sunday afternoon, greeting friends and family who came by to help us celebrate.

It was such a pretty house on Cherry Street.  Gary loved his woodworking, and he had a great time building a beautiful fireplace and custom windows.  The carpet was soft peach, and the whole house seemed like a dream to me.  

We bought pretty new furniture from my grandparents, we had the perfect Christmas tree, I worked and worked in the yard trying to transform the pasture into lush grass, we put up a sweet picket fence to frame the whole project.

Hmmmm… seems like we were all set to start our “real career”.   But Gary was building a house for the placement director at ENMU, and she knew how he loved to talk about the island life, and one day she showed up at her project and told Gary she had just received something at her office that he might be interested in.   Guam was hiring teachers. 

Well… obviously… that’s another chapter.


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