Fijian Bling

Every woman is supposed to have a little black dress.  That’s what “they” say.  If I were the they we talk about – and those of you who know me best know I’m not kidding – I would say that every woman needs a few good hoodie sweatshirts.

However, I must confess, I’m the owner of a fabulous little black dress, and if the garment ever unravels I shall be doomed.  I’ll never find a dress to take its place.

Being a little sister, inheriting hand-me-downs has always been an important part of my life.  This little dress came to be mine in just such a fashion.  I wonder if my sweet friend will even remember giving it to me.  I’m thinking I’ll put it to the test and see if she reads this and if she’ll remember.  (Auntie… I know you will!)  The dress was given to her by a friend, and she decided to pass it on to me.  This was all years ago on my island home.

The dress has been with me at so many important days of my life… both somber and celebratory, cold of winter, sunshine of spring.  It’s been paired with beautiful blouses and delightful scarves.  Its latest accessory is a most magnificent necklace, purchased in… of all places… Fiji!


I was caught up in the Bula spirit.  I was eating fresh pineapple, serendipitously catching a parade, happening into a church building just as the women were beginning to sing the sweetest song in their beautiful language.

I was happily blending into the amazing mixture of cultures, all on a day when I had absolutely no idea what might unfold.

I was up and down the busy streets of a bustling little city, and before you know it I was trying on delightfully grand costume jewelry… and Gary was snapping my photo (like he does when he knows I’m going to buy something, and I’ll enjoy the memory).

The next night I wore my Fijian bling with my little black dress and truly had a ball playing dress-up.  I finished the ensemble with my $5 wrap from the discount store, and it all felt like a million bucks to me!

P.S.  I told you I was caught up in the spirit of serendipity that day.  Look what else I bought!


10 Responses to “Fijian Bling”

  1. Marcea Clive says:

    What a great picture. Keep the posts coming. Love it.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you, Marcea! I’ve written one more little piece about our wonderful vacation… and then we’re moving on into December!

    I sure do appreciate all your kind comments.

  3. Nico says:

    I love traveling with you through your pictures and your blog!

  4. Kim says:

    Pretty!!! What a wonderful time you must have had! That pineapple looks amazing, too!

  5. Sandy says:

    Oh my goodness, yes! That pineapple was so delicious!! We have photos and photos of the pineapple. Gary took a couple of great shots of a little pick-up arriving at the market.. the back end heaping over with them. Then another shot of the man loading them into a wheelbarrow to cart them inside. It was just a special, special day!

  6. Betty Williamson says:

    What fun! And that is a great little black dress. I think it was made for your Fijian bling. 😀

  7. Pilar says:

    Yes I do remember that beautiful black dress:-)
    You always look great on it!!! The other day I was looking over my closet and found another black one whick my Sister bought me when visiting her in Boston years ago and thought of you:-)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip in the Pacific.The pineapples remind me of home!!! Just finished putting up our Christmas tree, half of the tree is decorated with all the ones you sent us for years since 1997. Merry Christmas to both of you:-)Hugs and we love you!!!

  8. Sandy says:

    Pilar! I couldn’t wait for you to read this!! I’m happy for you to know that I still own and love that “velvet” dress (which washes up just lovely in the washing machine!)

    Merry Christmas to you my dear friend.

  9. Robin Green says:

    I missed this post until just now. Your new necklace is beautiful! and I’d certainly love to find a discount store with that lovely wrap for only $5. But the best purchase was your new outfit…. that looks fabulous! I knew it had to be Pilar who gave you your hand-me-down velvet. What a great memory for you two to share.

    In fact, you share your thoughts and experiences in such a way as to enrich all of us who get to read your posts. The world is a happier place because you take the time, Sandy. Thank you!

  10. Sandy says:

    Thank you, Robin. It’s always my pleasure to share my little stories!

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