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Just popping a quick little reminder in here.  If you’re not already a fan on Facebook, I invite you to join my page.  Click here, or just type My Field Days into your Facebook search box.  It’s the place where I give you a link every time I post something.

Another way I like to keep in touch is through e-mail.  Are you on the e-mail list yet?  I only mail a letter to this group every two or three weeks.  And I pay a nice little fee every month to make sure that list is secure… so you can sign up worry free.  No one has access to that list but me!   See the little tab at the top of the page called “The Letters”?  Click on that and you’ll see what’s in store if you sign up (over there on the right).

New Mexico and Texas, no surprise here… you are my biggest fans.  And the biggest dot on the map is no surprise either.  Portales folks, you have really welcomed me into your homes and I can’t thank you enough!  To the rest of America… oh my!  What a treat to look at the map to see where people are reading from, and to see names of towns that maybe I haven’t ever heard of before along with major cities from sea to shining sea.  Truly!  It thrills me!

How could I wrap up this ‘thank you’ without mentioning my readers from distant lands?  I have this little ritual with my morning coffee.  I go to the “dashboard” and click on the map that shows me where my readers came from the previous day.  I can’t see who you are, but I can see the city of your internet supplier.  When the map says the clicks came from three different countries or three different continents… wow!  Great fun for me.

That’s it.  Just wanted to say thank you.  Writing brings me great joy.  So glad you’ve come along for the ride!

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